Scroll Principle of Operation

1. Electromagnetic coil engages armature assembly
2. Armature assembly turns crankshaft
3. Refrigerant is drawn in through suction port into scroll chamber
4. Orbiting scroll oscillates around fixed scroll to compress refrigerant
5. High pressure refrigerant gas exits compressor through discharge port



Sanden's next generation scroll compressors are designed to achieve outstanding durability. The scroll compression mechanism provides smooth, quiet operation and the highest level of efficiency.


  • Fixed displacement - 1 fixed scroll and 1 orbiting scroll
  • High COP due to high volumetric efficiency / low power consumption
  • Low NVH and low torque surge due to scroll compression process
  • High speed operation (Maximum 12000 rpm)
  • Thermal protection switch and pressure relief valves for superior protection from system related failures due to loss of charge.

TRSA Series

FamilyMax. DisplacementMax. Continuous SpeedPerformance Curve
TRSA0553.9cc10000 r.p.m.Show Curve
TRSA0985.7cc10000 r.p.m.Show Curve
TRSA12121.1cc10000 r.p.m.Show Curve

TRSE Series

  • TRSE models feature oil separators for improved performance and efficiency
FamilyMax. DisplacementMax. Continuous SpeedPerformance Curve
TRSE0777.1cc / rev.2.64 kw @ 1,500 r.p.m.Show Curve
TRSE0997.9cc / rev.3.37 kw @ 1,500 r.p.m.Show Curve
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